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Projects Done Karaama Charity.

1) The foundation revived, rehabilitated and operates Badhadhe School
in the town of Badhadhe, Lower Jubba. The only school in town
collapsed before but as Karama Charity Foundation took over, it started
rolling actively with a 400 boys and girls students starting with primary
level to secondary level.

2) The Foundation operates and maintains the only borehole around Badhadhe town (lowe Jubba), which waters the people and livestock of pastoralists from the rural areas around and the need for the water of that borehole is more vivid during the dry seasons and famines.

3) Karama Charity Foundation operates several schools in Wajir region of
North Eastern.
4) Since its inception, Karama Charity Foundation distributed food stuffs
for thousands of people in East Africa on behalf of other organizations,
well-wishers as well as from the own contributions of the foundation
5) The Foundation implemented a “pen and book” campaign and
distributed pens and books for a 1000 pupils and students in Habaswein
town schools, Wajir County of North Eastern Kenya.
6) The members of Karama Charity Foundation contributed three Million
Kenyan Shillings and used part of that money to set up its main office
in Nairobi- Kenya and with that money also funded with some of its
humanitarian projects.

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